Now you can easy put sliders into Amadeo template!

When using our template, there is no need to download additional (usually paid) sliders plugins. Slider is a set of big pictures, scrolling in a “sliding” way, that redirect to specific place on the website after clicking.

We present a simple, fast and intuitive way to add sliders directly from template settings.

Just click the tab “Slides”, then “Add new”. Next, upload a photo and try to keep high quality of it. Then choose a title. In the end paste a link to where the slider should follow… and it’s done!

Slider now redirects to the localization you chose It doesn’t contain an autoplay script, making slider’s readable and suited for people with disabilities. Big slider elements make it easy to read for those visually impaired, and lack of autoplay function prevents dangerous visual flickering, making the template safe for users with epilepsy.

Amadeo slider features:

  • Full responsivity

  • Does not slow the website

  • Can be shared via social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest