Terms and Conditions of the Online Store

These Terms and Conditions define the rules for Customer use of the website at: https://wcagtheme.com/


The website at https://wcagtheme.com/ is operated by the WW GovTech Sp. z o.o. Group based in Rzeszów at Plac Jana Kilińskiego 2, 35-005 Rzeszów, a company registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs by the District Court for the city of Rzeszów, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS), under no. 0000883070, NIP (Tax ID): 5170413548, REGON (Business ID): 388128759, with the share capital of 5000.00 PLN, fully paid up. 



A natural person with full capacity to enter into legal transactions, a legal person, an organisational unit with legal capacity, or any other legal entity with which the Operator includes a sales agreement. 


A natural person with full capacity to enter into legal transactions, who purchases the products offered via https://wcagtheme.com/ for purposes unrelated to their professional or business activity. 


The WW GovTech Sp. z o.o. Group based in Rzeszów at Plac Jana Kilińskiego 2, 35-005 Rzeszów. 


an e-sales agreement. 


the website at: https://wcagtheme.com/

Terms and Conditions: 

these terms and conditions. 


3.1. VAT invoices or e-invoices are issued for all goods ordered at https://wcagtheme.com/

3.2. Pursuant to the Act of 11 March 2004 on the Tax on Goods and Services (J. Laws No. 54, item 535), starting from 1 January 2013, payment of the first e-invoice shall be tantamount to no objection to receive settlements in this form. Consequently, it shall be deemed that the Customer agrees to receive e-invoices. 

3.3. An e-invoice is equally valid as a paper invoice, even if it does not have a qualified signature, known as an “electronic signature”. 

3.4. An e-invoice is a document sent electronically in PDF format. To read it, a PDF document viewer is required (e.g. free Adobe Reader software). 


4.1. The Customer may use the Site at https://wcagtheme.com/ to conclude e-sales agreements referred to in section VI. 

4.2. The Customer may use the Site, provided they have the necessary tools to communicate with the Site, i.e.: 

  • an Internet browser application: Internet Explorer, not older than 9.0 or Mozilla Firefox, not older than 9.0 or Chrome, not older than 10.0 or Opera, not older than 10.0; 
  • Javascript enabled; 
  • an active e-mail address. 

4.3. The Operator is not responsible for the Customer’s use of the Site that is contrary to these Terms and Conditions. 

4.4. The Customer may not, without the consent of the Operator, use its name, the Site logo, materials and other elements that make up the Site, including all graphic elements of the Site and the layout and composition of the Site (the Site layout). 

4.5. The Customer is obliged to provide true, current and complete personal data during the ordering process. The Operator shall not be responsible if the Customer provides false, incorrect or incomplete data. 


The Customer using the website at  https://wcagtheme.com/ may conclude sales agreements with the Operator, the subject of which are the products offered through the Site. The Site at https://wcagtheme.com/ features detailed descriptions of the products and their prices. 


6.1. Terms and conditions of services provided by electronic means: 

To use the services and place an order, it is necessary to comply with the following technical requirements: 

  1. connection to the Internet; 
  1. any web browser that enables the display of websites on the computer screen; 
  1. any browser that accepts “cookie” technology. 

6.2. Conditions for concluding and terminating service agreements: 

To place an order, the Customer has to follow the steps specified in (a)-(h), i.e.: 

  1. Select the goods presented on the Store website by clicking the referring button: Buy AmadeoPro – WCAG Theme; 
  2. In “Your order” section, specify the method of completing the order by clicking one of the active methods; 
  3. After checking the data, the order can be completed by clicking the Buy and pay button; 
  4. The agreement is considered concluded at the time when the payment for the Order is credited. 

6.3. The complaints procedure for e-services: 

Any irregularities related to the e-service provided should be reported via the e-mail address: helpdesk@grupaww.dev. The Operator will undertake actions to remove the irregularities within 14 days after receipt of the complaint. 

6.4. Information on possible risks related to the use of e-services: 

  1. The possibility of being exposed to cracking or phishing (password stealing attempts); in the IT context, phishing means a cracking technique used to obtain personal and confidential information for the purpose of identity theft by sending fake electronic messages that are deceptively similar to genuine ones. 
  1. Sniffing – unauthorized wiretapping, other than cracking and phishing, consisting in the use of a sniffer – a computer programme the task of which is to intercept and possibly analyse the data flowing through the network. 
  1. The possibility for other persons using the ICT system and/or telecommunications network to introduce illegal devices giving unauthorised access to protected services. 
  1. Cryptanalysis, i.e. finding the weaknesses of a cryptographic system and thus enabling it to be broken or bypassed. 
  1. The possibility of being exposed to other unwanted or “malicious” software that performs actions unintended by the user. Others, not covered by the definitions above, such as wabbit, trojan, backdoor, exploit, rootkit, keylogger, dialer, hoax, etc. 


7.1. All prices on the Site are stated in Polish zloty (PLN). 

7.2 The Site features both net and gross prices of the products. Gross prices include all premiums, such as duties and taxes, including VAT, with the exception of shipping costs, which depend on the order completion method. 

7.3. The price binding on the parties is the price at which the Customer ordered the goods in the order. 


8.1. Orders placed via the Site: 

  1. Can be submitted 24/7, except for technical break periods. 
  1. Placing an order by the Customer means submitting to the Operator an offer to conclude a sale (purchase) agreement for the ordered product. 
  1. The order is placed when the Customer clicks the “Buy and pay” button. The confirmation of an order is generated automatically and sent to the Customer by e-mail. 
  1. If the order can be completed, a message will be sent to the Customer’s e-mail address with a confirmation of purchase and a link to download a PDF file with the e-book. The file can be downloaded once within 1 day. 

8.2. Orders are processed in the order in which they are submitted. 

8.3. In exceptional circumstances, the seller reserves the right not to accept the order, upon which it shall notify the Customer to this effect and refund the amounts paid. 


9.1. Goods ordered on the Site at https://szablonwcag.pl/ are delivered electronically to the e-mail address provided by the Customer in the ordering process. 

9.2. The order is processed up to several hours after the Operator confirms that the payment has been received. 

9.3. A VAT invoice is issued along with the goods. In the absence of a document, the Customer should immediately notify the Operator to this effect. 


10.1. Payments for purchases on the Site can be made by: 

  1. Prepayment by transfer to the account; 
  1. Prepayment by online payment (eService). 

10.2. Transfer details: 

account name: Grupa WW GovTech Sp. z o.o., Plac Jana Kilińskiego 2, 35-005 Rzeszów 

account number: 42 1140 2004 0000 3102 8097 8003, bank:  Idea Bank S.A. 


11.1. Pursuant to Article 38 of the Consumer Law, the Customer is not entitled to withdraw from the agreement for the supply of digital content which is not stored on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the express consent of the Customer before the deadline to withdraw from the agreement and after the Customer has been notified by the entrepreneur about the loss of the right to withdraw from the agreement. 

11.2 The Operator is obliged to inform the customer about the loss of the right to withdraw from the agreement. The Customer can find this information after adding the product to the cart, with the information reading as follows: “I am ordering immediate performance of the service provision agreement. At the same time, I declare that I have been informed that I will lose my right to withdraw from the agreement upon making the purchase.” 


12.1. The Operator is liable towards the Customer who is a Consumer for non-compliance of the product with the agreement in accordance with the Act of 27 July 2012 on Special Conditions of Consumer Sales and Amending the Civil Code (J. of Laws 2002 No. 141, item 1176, as amended). 

12.2. If the Consumer finds that the goods do not comply with the agreement, they are obliged to submit a complaint to the Operator to biuro@grupaww-govtech.pl, with the Consumer’s request and attaching a copy of the purchase document (a fiscal receipt, a VAT invoice). The complaint should be submitted to the e-mail address: biuro@grupaww-govtech.pl 

12.3. After receiving the complaint, the Operator immediately agrees with the Consumer on the manner in which it will review the request submitted. If it is necessary to return the product to the Operator’s address, the costs of sending the product back, if the complaint is accepted, shall be covered by the Operator. 

12.4. The Operator is obliged to consider the Consumer complaint immediately, in any case not later than within 14 days after receipt of the complaint. Results of the complaint processing are sent to the address specified by the Consumer in writing or by e-mail. When the complaint is received, the Operator specifies the deadline for complying with the request. Failure to process the complaint within the above-mentioned time limit shall be deemed to be the acceptance of the complaint. 

12.5. The Operator has the right to refuse to exchange the product, if it is impossible or requires excessive costs. If this is the case, the Consumer shall have the rights set out in the Act referred to in item 12.1. 

12.6. The Consumer loses their rights related to non-compliance of the goods with the agreement if they have failed to notify the Operator to this effect within 6 months after finding a non-compliance with the agreement. 

12.7. Liability towards the Consumer for non-compliance of the goods with the agreement shall be 2 years after the delivery of the goods. 


13.1. The Operator shall not be liable for the lack of access to the Online Store caused by factors that are beyond the Operator’s control or for any resulting consequences. 

13.2. The Operator reserves the right to interruptions in access to the Site, caused by its technical service, maintenance works or works on improving the functionality of the Store. At the same time, the Operator undertakes to make every effort to ensure that the above-mentioned breaks take place at night and are as short as possible. 


14.1 In no event shall the Operator be liable in tort or contract for the Customer’s loss of benefits or profits (lucrum caessans), good name, or damage to their image, or lack of the expected change in the costs of running a business as a result of the purchase of goods from the Site. 
14.2 The Operator shall not be liable for any damage resulting from interruptions in the Customer’s access to the Internet or interruptions in the provision of services caused by failure of third parties to meet their respective obligations. 
14.3 The Operator shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the Customer’s lack of appropriate security measures against taking over the Login and Password or making the Login, Password or Code available to unauthorised persons. 


15.1. Personal data provided by the Customers of the Site during the order submission process are processed by the Operator in order to fulfil the order. 

15.2. The Operator represents that it fulfils all the obligations arising from the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (J. of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926, as amended). 

15.3. Personal data are confidential and are not shared with third parties or other entities, except when the requirement for disclosure of data results from applicable laws. 

15.4. When providing their personal data when placing an order, the Customer is asked to consent to the collection and processing of their personal data by the Operator for the purposes specified in item 1 and in accordance with Article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29.08.1997. 

15.5. The Operator shall not responsible or liable on account of false or incorrect data provided by the Customer. 

15.6. The Operator grants to the Customers whose personal data are processed the rights under the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, including the right to access and rectify their own personal data, and the right to control the processing of their own personal data on the terms described in the Act. 

15.7. As part of the exercise of the right to control the processing of their own personal data, the Customer has, in particular, the right to request discontinuation of the processing of their data. 

15.8. The Operator/Data Controller conducts a risk analysis on an ongoing basis to ensure that personal data are processed by it in a safe manner, ensuring primarily that only authorised persons have access to the data and only to the extent that is necessary for their tasks. The Operator/Data Controller ensures that operations on personal data are performed only by its authorised employees and associates. 
15.9. The Operator/Data Controller takes all necessary steps to ensure that its subcontractors and other cooperating entities guarantee the application of appropriate security measures whenever they process personal data on behalf of the Operator/Data Controller. 

15. Contact details: Grupa WW GovTech Sp. z o.o., Plac Jana Kilińskiego 2, 35-005 Rzeszów, e-mail: rodo [at] grupaww-govtech.pl, tel: +48 17 785 22 64. Requests, statements and representations and all communications regarding personal data should be sent to the address: Grupa WW GovTech Sp. z o.o., Plac Jana Kilińskiego 2, 35-005 Rzeszów, with the note: “RODO/GDPR”. 


16.1. Placing an order is tantamount to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 

16.2. These Terms and Conditions become effective upon their publication on 
opens in a new tab. The Operator reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions, on the proviso that the Customer is bound by the Terms and Conditions valid on the agreement date. 

16.3. Any disputes that may arise between the Operator and the Consumer shall be considered by competent Polish courts in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.